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In 2030, people have become accustomed to the convenience brought by autonomous driving. The antenna collects and transmits a large amount of data at a rate with almost no delay. People enjoy high-quality communication, video and even stock trading in the car... With a gesture, the vehicle can understand the mind in seconds. People who are accustomed to it can no longer even imagine what the in-car experience of delays, stutters and lags will feel like before 2022, as it makes them imagine life without smartphones.
Let us turn back the time to 2022 and review the advent of an important connector from TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as "TE") - GEMnet.

come out
Once upon a time, in-vehicle Ethernet was in the ascendant, and the data architecture in the car was still based on functional domains. Although this is already a relatively advanced model - aggregating functions to integrate the efficiency of data transmission in the car. But after all, different functions require separate chips to implement, and as applications increase, the communication link load between different chips is still heavy. After that, people have successively developed switch-based domain control systems and local area network domain-based connection systems to continuously upgrade the architecture to meet higher demands.

Mehoo electronics

Evolution of automotive architecture
A good horse with a good saddle. The new architecture required new higher transmission rate, higher frequency connectors, and GEMnet came into being. Wearing colorful holy clothes and stepping on seven-colored clouds, GEMnet can realize ultra-smooth and ultra-high-speed transmission of "one somersault cloud for 108,000 miles" for automotive digital signals.

Differential Data Link System

Mehoo electronics

This is a shielded differential connector system that is compliant with current market specifications, enabling data transfer performance up to 15 GHz and 25 Gbps. Not only does the system feature a compact, automotive-grade design, it also flexibly supports a variety of Ethernet applications and industry protocols, including 4K displays, radar/lidar, high-resolution cameras, and safety-critical applications.
15 GHz bandwidth
25 Gbps data transfer rate

From 100M to 1000M, connectors with excellent performance at different speeds have returned to their places, but the jewel in the crown has never been picked. The more unfamiliar and the cross, the use of each other in vain. Today, GEMnet is finally here.

Winning the title
GEMnet was born "with a golden spoon". As its biological parent, TE has already had a significant influence in the field of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity as chairman of the Ethernet Open Alliance TC9. GEMnet is developed by TE's global senior engineering team according to IEEE802.3ch and complies with the USCAR interface standard.

In addition to the previous classic 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, this product is also capable of more network protocols and application requirements:

typical application
Automotive Ethernet

100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1, 2.5/5/10GBASE-T1
GMSL, APIX, GVIF, FPD-Link, ASA Motion Link, MiPi, HDBase-T

The biggest advantage of GEMnet is its ultra-high speed and ultra-high frequency transmission compared to historical products. For infotainment, wireless connectivity, telematics, and most importantly, ADAS data connectivity, the high-end needs of the past 1Gbps era could not be met. The advent of GEMnet will solve the problem.

Mehoo electronics
Mehoo electronics

Current application
Based on 90° and 180° contacts, TE's GEMnet product line includes sealed and unsealed board and receptacle connectors and cable assemblies.

GEMnet product portfolio is rich and diverse, based on 90°, 180°, sealed, unsealed, and 1-6 positions, GEMnet can provide a wealth of models to choose from.

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The powerful transmission capability benefits from the high-precision terminal system. Through the outer contact assembly, the center contact is wrapped to form a good protection and stable connection effect. Coupled with the protection and fixation of the collar, the GEMnet terminal can complete the ultra-high-speed data transmission in seconds through a sufficiently reliable connection. All components are precision developed to incorporate a primary and secondary lock design, robust crimp design, anti-loosening protection and anti-slanted insertion design.

Mehoo electronics

The GEMnet connector system can be used with a variety of cable types, including shielded twisted pair, unshielded twisted pair, and new high-performance cables. With the high-performance GEMnet connector system, automakers can adapt to future automotive networks, applications and protocols with automotive-grade robustness.

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